Jiangxi Shengyuan Garment Co., Ltd.
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    Jiangxi Shengyuan Garments Co., Ltd. is a large garment production base extending from Zhejiang Bosco Garments Co., Ltd. to the mainland. The factory specializes in producing brand jackets and down jackets (only making these two kinds of products throughout the year). It has built 25,000 square meters of new standard factory buildings, staff apartments and office buildings with a total investment of 260 million yuan and an annual output of more than 2 million pieces. The company belongs to a powerful company. Thick Shengli Group's enterprises. The workshop is equipped with central air-conditioning, a new class of computer automation and intelligent production equipment.

    The production site is equipped with new automation equipment such as automatic lapping, automatic cutting, computer template quilting, computer filling and computer automatic bagging. There are 18 single piece sewing lines and hanging lines. At present, there are more than 300 employees with a target of 1000 people.

    The living area has catering, supermarket, leisure and exercise venues. The daily meals and meals cost 6 yuan. The couple's room and apartment dormitory are equipped with independent bathroom, air conditioning and network TV. In the morning and evening, the bus shuttles nearby employees to and from work.

    The company upholds the management tenet of: customer-centered, talent-centered, quality-centered and benefit-centered; improving mindset, expanding management, innovating and forging ahead; promoting standardization, standardization, goal-oriented and data-based enterprise management; people-oriented, talent-oriented and employee-oriented. Provide an innovative, creative development platform that fully reflects the value of self-life; Work hand in hand to create staff material and spiritual happiness!




    Wang Xiaodong
    Wang Xiaodong

    General Manager

    Liu Jun
    Liu Jun


    Yi Xin
    Yi Xin

    Ministry of Commerce

    Wang Zhenjiang
    Wang Zhenjiang

    Planning Director

    Zhang Shu
    Zhang Shu

    Minister of Happy Enterprises

    Wu Tingting
    Wu Tingting

    Assistant General Manager



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